2021 World Hearing Voices Congress: Survey

Intervoice and the Hearing Voices Network Ireland want to hear from you: what format do you want to see the 2021 World Hearing Voices Congress in Cork, Ireland take? The organizers are considering a hybrid virtual conference and have requested input from those who are potentially interested in attending later this year (online or in person). You can learn more or take the survey here.

22nd Congress of the International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis: Co-constructing Healing Spaces

The 2021 ISPS Congress will be taking place in Perugia, Italy in September. The theme will be “co-constructing healing spaces” and will explore what humane approaches to psychosis can look like and what work remains to be done, as well incorporating an arts-focused event, Healing Spaces: Happening Without Authors. To learn more, you can read the conference brochure or visit the conference website.

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