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There is important information contained in extreme states and experiences. I am beginning to find meaning in it, but for many years I refused to listen. I silenced my monsters with bullying and medication. Turns out my angriest pieces were also the most hurt. With the Hearing Voices Network I found a safe place to embrace every part of me including the disgruntled voice inside my head.

Caught Red Handed - meant to be second image


I see extreme states in full color. Pink is the color of euphoria. I often felt I had been caught pink handed when a medical professional noticed the energy I was attempting to hide. The response to it was often panicked and punishing. When I attended the HVN Facilitator training it was the first time I was able to talk about my experiences without feeling afraid or guilty.

Ronda's Image

Ronda E. Richardson is an Artist and Writer looking to bring awareness to the stories of people often made invisible by diagnosis and trauma. Between forced treatment as a teenager and diagnosis at 26, she worked in long-term care and with Emergency Medical Services. She was training to become a Paramedic and worked with children who needed extra support to succeed in a world that was not built for their gifts and challenges.

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