The BC Hearing Voices Network is peer-organized network of Hearing Voices support groups, which are hosted by various organizations around BC. The BC Hearing Voices Network had its inaugural meeting on November 21, 2013, attended by representatives from existing local Hearing Voices support groups. The BC Hearing Voices Network acts as a supportive umbrella organization for these groups, as well as providing information and resources to individuals. It aims to provide a forum for:

  • dialogue and community-building
  • sharing resources, strategies, and information
  • coordinating groups and events in the community
  • highlighting new and diverse perspectives in and outside research and clinical practice
  • and supporting projects related to voice-hearing and the well-being of people who hear voices – led by and for people who hear voices.

The BC Hearing Voices Network can be contacted by email at or using our contact form. Please allow several days for a response, as emails are not monitored at all times.