Today’s Study Club Topic: Rufus May and Living Mindfully with Voices

Hi all,

The Hearing Voices Network Study Club has a meeting tonight in Vancouver from 6:30-8:00 pm at Creekside Community Centre, 1 Athletes Way. We’ll be in meeting room 2 if you want to check us out and we will be watching and discussing the video below.

To see the flyer for the group which lists more sessions, check out the Vancouver Groups section of this website.


Video Pick: Eleanor Longden TED Talk

Hi all,

We thought we’d start featuring video picks related to the international hearing voices network. Below, you’ll find a TED Talk featuring voice hearer Eleanor Longden. It’s a video we have discussed at our local Hearing Voices Network Study Club. Check out the Vancouver Groups section of this webpage for information on the Study Club. Eleanor is living proof of something many of us have learned through our own experience: that although voices can be difficult for some of us, we can still move forward, experience success and live well. Enjoy 🙂